Brown-Eyed Women and Red Grenadine

Thao and I went to breakfast yesterday and saw a three-month-old baby boy with a Vietnamese father and American mother.  He (the baby, not the father) was really cute – very white skin and dark blue eyes, which is a pretty striking combination in an Asian child.  My mom and sister have blue eyes, so I started wondering if it might be possible for our baby to blue eyes.  Apparently it's possible, but not very likely:

And I wonder if the odds are even lower since Thao is Asian and they basically all have brown eyes.  (Her eyes are so dark brown that they almost look black.)  I just don't have a feel for all of the dominant/recessive gene stuff and how it all works.

I think the bottom line is we are very likely going to have a brown-eyed child.

One Year/Eight Months/Two Months

One year ago today, this was going on at sunrise on a beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam:

And one year later, Thao is eight months pregnant and we’re two months, give or take, away from welcoming our new baby!  We have another 3D ultrasound on October 30th, so hopefully we’ll have some more photos of our baby soon.

[Oh, and:  Happy Birthday Anna!  Like I emailed you, I guess that big Auburn win over LSU was a pretty good birthday present for you!  We love you!]

Desperate and Unpresidential

[UPDATE:  I just watched this again and noticed something strange:  At the :44 mark, Michelle Obama clearly says "not just to boat, but to get out the vote."  She clearly says "boat" with a "b" at the :44 mark, and both the sound and the shape of her lips when she says "vote" with a "v" at the :45/:46 mark are very different.  No big deal, and we all make mistakes, etc., but it seems like someone - namely Michelle Obama herself - would have caught that slipup and done a retake.  Especially on such an important message to your base on the eve of a no-doubt historic (for all the wrong reasons if you're the Obamas) election.]

The desperation in and the unpresidential nature of this video are unprecedented.

For such a “heartfelt” message, couldn’t you at least avoid the blatant teleprompter reading?  Aren’t you the great orator?  Can you seriously not extemporaneously give a one-minute speech on an issue as fundamental as firing up your base for an election in which, by all accounts, your party is about to get decimated and your presidential legacy irreparably tarnished?

Unbelievably amateurish.  I don’t really want to be exhorted by the president of my country to “get in the game.”  Are Barack and Michelle next going to release videos encouraging people to “get your back up off the wall,” “bust a move,” “break it on down,” “shake your moneymaker,” “stop snitchin'”, etc.?

[Thanks Instapundit!]

Welcome your new robot overlords.

This video is kind of boring, but also kind of amazing if you stop and think about it.  It's a 3D printer that can make things out of legos.  Big deal.  Except the 3D printer itself is made completely out of legos. Which means that one thing that the 3D printer could build is a complete copy of itself.  Which is, of course, typically the province of living creatures, not robots.