Back from Bali

We’re back. It was a nice trip but we’re both tired and happy to be back home. I’ll write more later. Here are a few photos:


A dark photo of Thao’s glass of wine that I thought was neat:

Having some tea:

The old Swastika Lemon restaurant:

Bali Hyatt (Sanur):



Because when I think good coffee, I think Kentucky Fried Chicken:

Grand Hyatt (Nusa Dua):

I shaved and got a bit of a haircut:

I didn’t mean to get such an extreme buzz, but the haircut the guy gave me originally was so bad I really had no choice. (Now, granted, the original haircut only cost $6 and was done in a “salon” inside of a grocery store, but hey, when in Bali . . . .)

Thao loves this photo:

Thao gets down on her McDonald’s hotcakes and sausage this morning at the Singapore airport. She had her first Big Mac the other day, and now her first McDonald’s breakfast. We’ll have her Americanized in no time:

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