“Flat Logan”

A couple of months ago, my friend Sarah in Seattle asked me if her nephew, Logan, could send me a “Flat Logan” version of himself that I could take around with me in Vietnam, take some pictures of “him” out and about, and email the photos back to them so he could share them with his class.  (Apparently a lot of kids do this in school now – I think it started with a book called “Flat Stanley.”)

Of course I said yes and I gave Sarah our office mailing address here.  I had never received any mail here before, so I wasn’t sure (a) how long it would take; or (b) whether it would really even get here.

So about three weeks later, “Flat Logan” arrived in the mail.  And from the postage mark, it looks like it only cost 90 cents to get here!  Anyway, I emailed Sarah and told her that I’d received FL and that I planned to take some pictures of him that next weekend.  Well, in between receiving FL and that weekend, our new maid in the office – Ut No. 2 – not to be confused with Ut No. 1, which is Tim’s (and hopefully soon mine as well) housemaid – THREW “FLAT LOGAN” IN THE TRASH!!!

I’m not really sure why she threw him away.  The letter that accompanied FL was still on my desk right where I’d left it together with FL, but FL himself was gone.  He was kind of folded up when he arrived, so maybe he looked like trash to her – not sure.

So I had to sheepishly email Sarah and tell her that our international experiment had gone tragically awry, and that reality had cruelly intruded upon poor little FL.  I soon got an email back from Sarah’s sister, and Logan’s mom, Carol, saying it was no problem, and emailing me a new photo of Logan that I could use as FL over here.

Earlier today I finally made a body for FL, and there he is up above.  Over the next few days, I’m going to take some photos of FL in various places around town and email them back to Sarah and Carol.  Here are the initial shots I took today:

Those are my coworkers, Huong and Thuy, with Flat Logan.  Not sure why Thuy is holding him by his ears, but that’s her business.

That’s me and my boy, “Flat Logan,” heading out for a motorbike ride around HCMC.  I don’t know who he’s waving at, but I’m sure it’s some Vietnamese hottie.  He’s always flirting.  That’s okay, though, I’m happy playing wingman.  It’s not like I haven’t done it before.  Plus, when you get the chance to watch a player like “Flat Logan” in action, it’s in your best interest to just sit back and learn from the master.

More to come.

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4 thoughts on ““Flat Logan”

  1. Hank you are too awesome! That is definitely a new & improved FL.
    The picture of you with him on the motorcycle is hilarious! I can’t wait to show 3-D Logan your photos in the morning. He will LOVE them!
    Thank you so much for being wonderful you. :-)

  2. This is eerily reminiscent of our former housemate’s cross-country odyssey with his life-size Elmo doll. Remember? Elmo at Mt. Rushmore … Elmo at Wall Drug … Elmo at the Snake River … etc. …

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