I just confirmed the details for my trip home to the U.S. in December.  I was originally going to head back on December 15th and head back during the first week of January.  But I had a problem getting a flight back to Vietnam on EVA Air (the Taiwanese airline that I prefer, get frequent flier miles on, etc.) before January 11th, and I just can’t be home for almost a month.

For one, it’s very expensive in the U.S. compared to Vietnam, and I would spend as much in that month as I’d normally spend in three months over here.  Second, I can’t miss that much of my Vietnamese class – I would fall way too far behind.  And third, I think I would be ready to come back to Vietnam way before the month was out.  It’s not like all of my friends in the U.S. are going to be off of work and able to just hang out with me all of the time while I’m home, and I’d rather be over here than sitting around there.  Finally, I think I will start to miss Vietnam if I stay home too long.

So here’s the deal:  I moved my flight home from Vietnam from December 15th to December 19th.  And I fly back on December 31st.  So I’ll be home for twelve days – and out of Vietnam for exactly two weeks.  That way I won’t fall too far behind in class, etc.

The only bummer is I obviously won’t have as much time to travel around and see everyone I was planning on seeing while I am home – especially with Christmas right in the middle of my trip.  But I’m sure it will all work out.

I booked the return leg of that December 31st trip for June 1st, so I’ll be back in the states again in early June.

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