Here are a few things Cousteau said recently:

1.  He took his Spinosaurus dinosaur to story night at the public library last week.  After the stories, he was playing with some little farm animal toys they have in the kids’ section of the library, and I said “Why don’t you introduce your Spinosaurus to these farm animals?”  He responded:  ”Dad, they live in the Jurassic Period, not the farm!”  (I just looked it up and technically Spinosauruses lived in the Cretaceous period, but hey.)

2.  We went somewhere the other day and after we stopped the car but before we got out I was looking up something on my phone.  Cousteau asked:  ’Are we going to sit in the car for hours?”

3.  Today at Walmart I bought him some little vehicles made by Matchbox.  One of the vehicles was a little submarine – like the one in the photo below.  After we got home and opened them, I said I like the submarine the best.  Cousteau said:  ”I think it’s a submersible, not a submarine.”  I think technically he’s right.

I don’t know where he gets this stuff.  He’ll be 4 in December.


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